Residential Ip


unlimited canada
19,99 $
/ month

Phone anywhere in Canada without looking at the meter!

Are your long distance calls costing you money? Tired of only calls between subscribers being free? Know that traditional service providers are no longer the only ones who can help you! Thanks to Internex you finally have the possibility of making calls anywhere in Canada at any time to reach your friends and loved ones, and this, without ever having to worry about monthly surprises on your bill.

You can also keep your current phone number and add all the conventional telephony features like voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding. For a comparable traditional telephone service, you would have to pay between $30 and $60.

This service cannot be chosen alone, it must be combined with an Internet subscription.

All the essentials you need

  • Voicemail with e-mail
  • Three-way conference
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Number display
  • Unlimited calls in Canada
  • $9.99 unlimited calls in the USA
  • Available only with an Internet subscription, certain conditions apply.
  • Requires ATA adapter.
  • Certain regions excluded.
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