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No more surprises on your bills

It’s no secret that monthly television, phone and Internet bills keep getting higher. One reason for this is that most providers impose a monthly usage and download limit on their subscribers. Therefore, overuse of the service results in additional costs.


For example, if your download limit is 50 to 100 MB per month and you exceed it, you may find a few surprises on your next monthly bill. The same goes for telephony. If you do not benefit from unlimited calls throughout Canada, you might receive a pretty hefty long distance bill at the end of the month.


At Voom , our goal is to reduce your monthly bills and help you steer clear of those nasty surprises. Indeed, all our packages are designed with the unlimited usage option. In addition, there is no contract to sign, and you can unsubscribe at any time.


More profitable offers

Another important advantage: the fact that we provide our services to multi-unit buildings allows us to work with group subscriptions and therefore offer extremely competitive prices. We can even offer our services to an entire building group at once. We only need to physically install our fiber optics in one of the buildings and everything else is done by wireless network.

At Voom, our technicians are flexible and perform each installation according to your needs. Once the installation is completed, our technician will take care of plugging in the modem, the phone or the DVR provided to you by Voom Internet.


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