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Voom offers you ultra-fast Internet access for multi-unit tenants in your area. We have plans for heavy users such as online video games, cinema or television series enthusiasts, as well as for smaller consumers such as those who only want to browse the Web or check their emails. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Want to save on TV channels? We include free local HD channels with all internet packages. Check out our packages below

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22 free channels

Free channels with all our packages

If you're looking for free entertainment whether you're interested in news, sports, or popular TV shows, Over-The-Air (OTA) TV programming offers it all, completely free of charge.

To make it easier for you, we install a collective antenna on each building to tune in to available HDTV stations. If you want to follow local programming or get more variety beyond what you can stream, TV (OTA) is the way to go.


Access to local terrestrial channels in high definition

The collective antenna is halfway between an individual antenna and a cable network in a dwelling with several apartments. Instead of each tenant or co-owner having their own antenna, the building is equipped with a single antenna that shares the over-the-air signals. Then the signals, amplified, are distributed, via the coaxial cable, combined with our internet service by specific distribution systems.

IMPORTANT! The quality and number of free local channels may vary geographically from location to location and reception cannot be guaranteed.

Stay connected in every room

A fast and stable mesh network

With TP-Link Mesh technology, each unit works together to immerse your entire home in powerful Wi-Fi, no matter its size or shape. Want more coverage? Simply add another Wifi hotspot.

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